Managed Services with Interprit. We offer a range of managed services packages as a post project service. We support both your internally and cloud hosted applications and integrations.

Our Software Engineer's core expertise is in designing, building and delivering high quality software.  By attracting the most talented engineers, Interprit can solve the most complex problems using the latest in modern Software Engineering techniques.

Over the years Interprit has matured it's Software Engineering methodology to ensure high quality outcomes while delivering on time and on budget.


Requirements Engineering

If the problem domain is not well understood, no amount of amazing software will solve the problem. Ensuring the problem is clearly defined and traceable to a software solution is the most important part of any software project. Our Requirements Engineering process ensures a fit for purpose solution every time

Solution Architecture

Appropriate mapping of business requirements to solution components is the responsibility of Solution Architecture. Each component should be well described and be clearly understood by software and infrastructure delivery teams.

Detailed Design

Using our proven design templates, we ensure all aspects of design are captured and understood early on in the project managing risk and improving quality

High Quality Code

Ensuring intuitive, efficient and correct code is of the highest priority to ensure a fit for purpose solution that is easy to maintain

Test Automation

Ensuring test cases are written once but able to be run many times as part of an automated process ensures that overall test costs are low and the team can release highly tested features frequently


Automating deployment processes is core to realising repeatable high quality fast releases of new functionality into production. If you want to release new business value quickly to your customers or partners, this is truly enabled when practicing modern DevOps

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