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Our focus on research

At our heart we are creators and innovators. We are motivated to create the new and break through the bounderies of technology to address large-scale problems.

One of the ways we are able to stay at the forefront of cutting edge technology is by partnering with universities and focusing on research. This of course benefits our customers as well as laying the groundwork for our initiatives.

Our research interests
Our research interests in Software Engineering are focused on the goal of automating the software engineering lifecycle.
Our focus is mainly on the earlier phases, including Requirements Engineering and Software Design and Modelling.
We also have software engineering interests in Enterprise Architecture and Agile Methodologies for Software Teams.

To achieve these goals, we also have Computer Science research interests in the core areas of Statistical Machine Learning Autonomous Agents, Functional Programming and Natural Language Processing. These lead to combined computer science interests in creating Conversational Agents that perform requirements engineering functions and software engineering Design Agents.

Our requirements engineering research focuses on:
  • Requirements Elicitation Approaches
  • Requirements Quality Metrics
  • Enabling End users who are novices in RE with assistance to create high quality sets of requirements.
  • Requirement Specification Standards that are consumable by Design Agents.

Our Initiatives
We are heavily invested in commercialising our research and findings into products.

One major investment is Smoove. A Saas Cloud Platform the provides automation services in the areas of Advance Systems Integration and Multi System Business Process Automation. The Platform aims to dramatically decrease the cost and the time it takes to design, implement, and test a complex systems integration project by automating large aspects of the Software Engineering lifecycle.

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