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We exist to help our clients see how technology can solve the most complex problems

About software engineering consultancy Interprit

Since 2013, our mission has been to help our clients see the possibilities of new technologies and how they can help to solve the most complex of problems.

We understand that complex technology problems often don't have an easy or obvious answer. Our clients - with the myriad things they have on their plate - can find it hard to see how their current problems and issues could be solved. With all the new technology options and complexity out there, the way forward can seem murky and uncertain.

At Interprit we are across the big changes in information technology and their application to business. We take our knowledge of the latest in information systems and combine this with an understanding of our clients' businesses to identify ways they can do things better.

Our advice always has a strong commercial perspective and we work with clients to make their ideas work in practice.

We help them to see the potential they didn't know was there.
We help them to solve problems that looked too hard.
And we help them to do things they didn't think were possible.

our evolution

Interprit started off as a Systems Integration Consultancy specializing in Microsoft Technology Platforms. Over the years we expanded to deliver Data Platform and Analytics solutions as well as Application Development.

From 2018 until now, our focus has been on offering high quality Software Engineering Services based on practical Computer Science. During this time we also expanded our partnerships to the major technology and cloud vendors such as Microsoft, AWS and Rhipe, as well as academic and research institutions and global technology consultancies. As innovators, the thing that continues to drive us is our participation and contribution to academic research. Of course this also has the benefit of providing our customers with a direct link to the latest developments in Computer Science & Software Engineering.

Our Industry Experience. With over 100 years cumulative experience across 7 industries, we have the experience and technical expertise to make the impossible, possible.

We are now fortunate enough to work with many start-ups as well as established yet ambitious organisations. Working with the clients we have inspires us together to come up with new ideas to solve problems and to see what could be possible on the cutting edge of Computer Science.

In particular, we aim to create Intelligent Systems that leverage the latest research in Machine Learning, Data Science, Conversational Interfaces, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security and Distributed Systems.

Our head office is in Melbourne, Australia and is home to our Management, Sales and Marketing, Finance and Software Development teams. We also have our Development Centre in Cagayan de Oro, Philippines.

our values


At our heart we are creators. We are motivated to break through the boundaries and invite our clients to join us on the cutting edge of the unknown.


We pride our selves on being a trusted source of information. We bring rigour to the work that we do. We believe in doing things properly. We don't guess and we don't take short cuts.


We believe in fostering long-term open and collaborative relationships with our clients, our partners and our team.

Let's start making
possibilities real

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