systems integration

Systems integration is the process of connecting systems, applications, services or data stores. When systems are connected, business processes can be automated, this then introduces new capability, products or process, reduces manual processes and also improves process quality meaning that we achieve improved data quality. However, harnessing the power of systems integration requires businesses to overcome complex challenges, both within the organisation and with partners, suppliers and consumers. Poorly implemented integrations can increase the cost of new projects and make operational teams burdened with work-around processes. For systems integration to deliver the huge benefits we know it can, it is paramount to have reliable systems integration experts.

benefits of system integration
Boost in Productivity
Dealing with separate systems can waste a lot of time as it often calls for repetitive actions such as multiple data entry.  With system integration, we can reduce the time spent doing repetitive tasks and use that time for more important matters, thereby increasing an organisation’s productivity.
Increased Sales
Data connectivity across every department makes purchases much smoother and easier for customers. This connectivity also enables customer service enquiries to be addressed efficiently, meeting customer needs and improving customer relationships.
Cost Reduction
Maintaining several systems can be expensive. Regular maintenance of each system is needed to ensure that it functions well.  But when you're automating a few of your tasks, your employees can focus on developing new skills that will help your organisation grow.
Efficient Data Collection
System Integration creates seamless communication between systems. Data can be used effectively and core business processes act as a coordinated whole. In addition, connected systems allows for data from the separate systems to be looked at as a whole, giving greater insights.
Systems integration with Interprit
Systems Integration can be difficult work, and it’s particularly complex when software is integrated in a large corporate environment. At Interprit we manage that complexity to ensure you benefit from the best solution.

Systems integration projects usually have multiple phases, a number of internal and external vendors, and delivered within a single project framework. At Interprit we understand that all aspects of the integration must be considered as a whole and managed to achieve the desired outcome.

Our broad industry experience, deep technological knowledge and commitment to collaborating with you to understand your business needs means you can rely on us to not only help you see the possibilities of technology but also to seamlessly implement it.
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