IPaaS or Integration Platform as a Service provides organisations with access to a set of cloud services that can help you to connect applications residing in the cloud. By leveraging a cloud integration workflow, there's no need for installing or managing any hardware or server software to get you going.

The fluid exchange of information is crucial in any organisation, no matter what size they may be. As the volume of data and its complexities expand, creating a robust systems integration (link to systems integration page) strategy becomes vital.

By usinorganisations can easily configure integration flows aimed at general developers to integrate applications without having deep expertise in systems integration (link to systems integration page).

IPaaS products are usually part of a vendor's public cloud offering. This is because the core of IPaaS is the abstraction way of managing the IPaaS servers, software and components to provide consumers only the important aspects of what they need to implement systems integration. This is generally only possible to do on top of the foundational compute and storage technologies offered by the major public cloud vendors.

benefits of ipaas
Increased Efficiency and Productivity
IPaaS helps to seamlessly connect different software applications and synchronise data with all data being accessed from a centralised location. iPaaS allows users to stay focused for longer during a task and provides much better visibility of your business operations through comprehensive reports.
Reduced Cost
The SaaS solution is accessible as monthly or yearly subscriptions in the cloud making it far more cost-effective.
Another reason for a business to adopt this solution is scalability which means your business can expand without having to set up another custom integration. As long as your future applications are available on the network, your integration platform can grow with your business.
Ease of Use
A good iPaaS solution usually offers pre-built integrations that help you accelerate your integration projects and makes integration easier for the teams involved.
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IPaaS solutions hold a multitude of possibilities. With Interprit we help you to ask the important questions to truly understand your business needs now and in the future. We steer you in the direction of the vendor that will work best for you and set you up for success.

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