Linfox’s bold new project: Amazon without the downsides

Linfox. Linfox’s bold new project: Amazon without the downsides

the company

Linfox Logistics is Asia Pacific’s largest privately-owned logistics company with operations employing more than 24,000 people and spanning 12 countries. On a daily basis, their multinational team delivers food, medicines and resources across those 12 countries.

Delivering more than $60 billion a year in goods across a network of more than 200 warehouses, they work with some of the world’s largest and most successful companies. The systems behind their people, fleet and warehouses make Linfox one of the safest and most efficient logistics companies in Asia Pacific.

Business situation

Linfox saw an opportunity to innovate by creating a new fulfillment business to compete with Amazon. They promoted it as an Amazon fulfillment alternative without the “downside”. They envisaged a fulfillment business which allowed retailers to maintain “control” over distribution, pricing and promotions, in contrast to Amazon’s fulfillment offering. Brands that sell through Amazon’s online marketplace do not hold control over product prices, nor how they are displayed on the website. In contrast to this, Linfox’s proposed model would leave pricing and promotions in the retailers’ hands.

Linfox would use its logistics technology to interact with retailers’ websites and determine what items have been ordered. The company then collects the items from its warehouse, packs and delivers them and includes optional services such as gift wrapping, tracking, handling returns and many others.  

Linfox. Linfox’s bold new project: Amazon without the downsides
Linfox. Linfox’s bold new project: Amazon without the downsides


Interprit implemented a cloud native EDI based integration platform for the e-fulfillment business using Azure platform services Logic Apps, Service Bus, App Services, Functions and Event Hub.

We did the Integration Architecture and Frameworks build for Azure B2B Integration, connected the Linfox internal product with the warehouse systems and external customer systems for B2B EDI/AS2 integration. We implemented Azure DevOps for automated build and deployment of all Azure Artifacts. As well as this we created reusable architecture for multiple customers and suppliers. We also integrated multiple logistics providers including Startrack Express. In addition, we built Integration Monitoring and a Management Portal for support teams.

technologies used





Azure Service Bus

Azure Storage

Azure App Services

Azure Event Hub

Azure SQL DB

Azure Functions

Azure Resource Manager (ARM)


Azure DevOps





Linfox. Linfox’s bold new project: Amazon without the downsides

We were able to partner with Linfox to launch this fulfillment project in the market, providing retailers more customisation of their online store, fulfillment and warehousing solutions. Through our efforts Linfox were able to obtain two customers in the market to onboard to the platform within the first few months.

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